Introducing Our Summer 2017 Interns

Wall of Separation This summer, we are proud to welcome eight interns to Americans United. They come from across the country and are all excited to be spending the summer in Washington D.C., working to advance the cause of church-state separation. Courtne ... Read »

University of Notre Dame v. Price

Ongoing As part of the Affordable Care Act's implementing regulations, group health plans are required to include coverage for various forms of preventative care, including all FDA-approved methods of contraception. Houses of worship are exempt from ... Read »

Celebrating 30 Years Of Sound Science In Public Schools

Sam Hainbach Wall of Separation This Monday marks the 30th anniversary of Edwards v. Aguillard, a milestone U.S. Supreme Court decision affirming the separation of church and state in public schools. As we mark the anniversary, it’s a good time to examine ... Read »

Kentucky Governor Plans To Pray Crime Away

Rokia Hassanein Wall of Separation Violent crime in Louisville, Ky., is on the rise. Kentucky Gov.  Matt Bevin’s solution? Pray. According to the Courier-Journal report, Bevin (R) urged faith leaders and residents to “take a 10-block span, walk corner to ... Read »