Fundamentalist Christian Supports Religious Freedom For Muslims

Simon Brown Wall of Separation Thanks to recent events both abroad and here in the United States, many Americans are wary of Islam. As a result, innocent Muslims throughout the United States are facing restrictions on their religious freedom – particularl ... Read »

Creationism Booted From Ohio Public Schools

Simon Brown Wall of Separation Some good news out of Ohio: One of its public school districts recently announced that creationism and other region-based ideas will not be taught in science classes. Starting now, by order of Youngstown Schools Chief Execut ... Read »

Ga. County Takes Extreme Measure To Stop Mosque From Opening

Simon Brown Wall of Separation Some residents of a Georgia county are so upset about the possibility of a new mosque in their area that local officials have placed a temporary moratorium on all new houses of worship. In 2015, Al Maad Al Islami, a mosque i ... Read »