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And now a word about AU chapters!

This Saturday (Feb. 27) the Upstate South Carolina County Chapter is holding an event featuring Robert Moss and George Daly, starting at 12 Noon.

Robert Moss and his attorney George Daly will discuss their lawsuit which has reached the Federal Courts on allowing academic credit for Bible study in the state of South Carolina.  Mr. Moss has a daughter that attends high school in Spartanburg, SC. 

The event takes place at the Handlebar Restaurant, 304 East Stone Ave., in Greenville. Get there in time for the buffet lunch ($13) and to network with everyone!

If you are in the Willow Grove, PA, area on Sunday you won't want to miss AU's Rob Boston.  Rob is speaking on: "What I've Learned From the Religious Right" -- the presentation begins at 1:30 PM.

Rob Boston is senior policy analyst at Americans United, also serves as assistant editor of AU's "Church & State" magazine. He is the author of three books: "Close Encounters with the Religious Right," "The Most Dangerous Man in America: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition" and "Why the Religious Right Is Wrong About Separation of Church and State." Rob has made numerous media appearances, among them Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor," MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" and CNN's "Anderson Cooper."

The event takes place at the Upper Moreland Library, 109 Park Ave., Willow Grove, PA.

Forsyth County Appeals Prayer Ruling: A Vote Of Olympian Shortsightedness

I love the Winter Olympics—the ski jumping, the hockey games, the figure skating rivalries and even the curling have kept me glued to my TV for the Vancouver games. I find the athleticism and precision required of these winter sports fascinating, but many of my friends consider the time trials and individual events too redundant to watch.

Street Fight: Ohio Clergy Seeks End Of Tax Exemption For D.C. Structure Owned By ‘The Family’

The infamous “C Street house” is back in the news.

A group of clergy in Ohio, aided by a tax lawyer, has written to the Internal Revenue Service today asking the federal tax agency to examine the house’s tax-exempt status as a church.

If you’re just joining us, the C Street house is a structure in Washington, D.C., owned by a shadowy Religious Right group called “The Family” – a.k.a. the Fellowship Foundation.

It’s A Lie, By George!: Religious Right Spreads Myths About America’s First President

Today we celebrate the 278th birthday of our first president, George Washington.

Americans United honors Washington for, among many other things, his commitment to religious liberty and church-state separation. We know the Father of Our Country wanted people of all faiths and none to feel welcome in our new nation.

Salvation Army Surrenders: Settlement In N.Y. Case Bans Tax-Funded Preaching

It may strike you as out-of-season that media outlets have been reporting on the Salvation Army this week. After all, the month of February is drawing to a close, D.C.’s 40-plus inches of snow is beginning to melt and winter is waning.

We should have at least 10 months to hold onto our pocket change before next
December rolls around and the volunteers of the Salvation Army are back in the limelight — wearing their red velour Santa hats, ringing those infamous gold
bells and erecting kettles in front of shopping malls to collect seasonal donations.

Having A Party: Religious Right Gets An Invitation To Tea

For months I’ve been trying to figure out what to make of the “tea party” movement.

Is it merely another band of anti-government, low-tax activists with a libertarian populist edge – or will it become the next wave of the Religious Right? Do the tea partiers intend to stay focused on issues like smaller government or will they take on social issues?

Funding Fuss: Church Drops Out Of D.C. Program Rather Than Abide By New Marriage Law

Today’s Washington Post reports that the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has stopped running its foster-care program to avoid having to license same-sex couples.

Back in November, the Archdiocese threatened to drop contracts with the D.C. government to provide social services if the D.C. Council approved a same-sex marriage bill. Thankfully, their threats did not faze the council, which approved the measure in December.